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Problem in Pick list

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Hi Experts,

I have a scenario,

There is an FG part which involves SFG.

SFG involves RM.

There are BOM's for both FG and SFG.

Routing for FG only.

Now after converting Planned order to Production order of FG I should get only SFG in Pick list, instead both RM and SFG are reflecting in the pick list.

I am seeing the BOM from CO02 in that SFG's are marked as Phantom assembly.

Can you please help me in solving the issue.

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Answers (1)

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Hi Narayan,

The meaning of Phantom items is, It will be "blown" while BOM Explosion & Costing Run.

If a material in BOM is marked as a phantom item, system will not consider that as a individula component, it will explode the BOM of the phantom too.

As per definitions, Phantom items are not produced and stored, they are intermediates araising while production.

So the system behaviour is perfectly right. If you want to see the difference, please remove the Phantom indicator and try out a picking.

Thanks & regards

Mahesh babu