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problem in create shipment

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Dear Sap Gurus,

To create shipment i had given the transportation planning point and shipment type.

the next screen i had given the shipping point , and when i give the outbound delivery number, . i try to execute it.

but the system throws the error has the mentioned delivery number is not assigned.

I am in dout wheather i have to do picking and pgi in delivery , or only picking in delivery ?

clarify and help me out please.


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Hi Divya,

Please check in these areas.

Go to VL02N transaction enter the delivery number then go in to that delivery then go in to the Transport tab here you check this delivery is relevent for the tranportation planning or not through the field Trns.plan.stat. if this field shows not relevent for transportation planning then do configuration settings in IMG

SPRO>Logistics Execution>Transportation>Shipments>Maintain Transportation Relevance.

Complete the picking of the delivery.

While creating shipment document select the deliveries like this.

Go to VT01N transaction enter your Transportation planning point and shipment document type after that you select the delivery for the shipment through clicking on Select deliveries(F6) push button (second icon from the top right side).Now sytem will take you to the delivery selection screen here you enter the data for selection then execute now the deliveries will be assigned to the shipment.

Go through this link for more details

I hope it will help you,