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Problem in backflasing

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Dear All,

when i m backflash a particuler item in system i m getting error reading reporting point information ???

so please tell me how can i solve this

Messeges No <b>RM111</b>

with warm regards

Pritpal Mehru

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Answers (3)

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Hi Prtipal,

You have selected the REM profile with reporting points.

Possible solutions can be ...

2 Possible solutions:

1. In the material master, you can assign to the material a repetitive manufacturing profile without reporting point processing.

2. The reporting points can be set up again in the run schedule header with Transaction MF02. The following requirements must be met in this case:

a) In the production version for the run schedule header, a routing must be specified under detailed planning (1st priority) or rate-based planning (2nd priority).

b) This routing must contain milestone routings from which the reporting points are then created automatically.



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Hi Pritpal.

Are u doing backflush with reporting points . if not please change ur REM Profile , Assigned in MRP view of material master(select correct profile).

Then do the backflsuh, letus know



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Hi Pritpal,

I think you `ve selected the REM profile with reporting points. While backflushing, in the reporting point field, enter the operation no.s as 10, 20, etc..You need do backflush for all operations in this way.

Reward if cleared or get back for any queries.