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Problem FI-AA can't do fiscal year change.

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My development system can't do fiscal year change to 1998.

Currently my fiscal year FI-AA is 1997 period 2. i can't test depre run in 1997 period 3-12, in my opinion, my development system have't do depre-run for a long time.

I think if i can do depre-run until the last month of 1997, I will do fiscal year change of 1998 successfuly.

Pls let me know ASAP. by mail at

Thank you in advance.

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Answers (3)

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First run unplanned depreciation for 1997 as suggested by Dominic. Then go to OAAQ and look to see what the last closed fiscal year is for that company code. Since you can have no more than two years open at a given time, make sure that it indicates 1996. Then you will be able to have 1997 and 1998 open. If it shows 1995, execute a year-end close via AJAB. Then, you should be able to run the fiscal year change AJRW for the company code.

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Dear Anodart,

Pls check how many fiscal years are opened in your asset accounting as we can have maximum 2 fiscal years open in asset therefore check whether the yr 1996 has been closed or not.

if it is open you won't be able to open the another year.



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Choose "Unplanned" for type of run. This will post, in one go, all outstanding depreciation upto the period entered in the parameters.

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