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problem during multiple vendors maintained in PO conditions (FRC1)

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Dear gurus,

in this case we made a PO with FRC1 condition 3 times as 3 transport vendors.(is this corect ???)

and if not how to go further,

or if it is correct then,while doing invoice (MIRO) the restriction made on quantity OMR6 is not allowing.

the message is as follows:the invoiced quantity greater than GR quantity.

plz suggest


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Answers (4)

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we can maintain three conditions for the FRC1.

All the three conditions will apply to total quantity of each you cannot maintain different FRC1 for 25, 50,25 for aquantity of 100. Total 100 qty will have the same conditions. If you want to have different you have to take as different line items.

OMR6 you maintain quantity tolerance for total quantity not for conditions. ie for PO qty of 100, tolerance of 10% allows GRN upto 110.

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MIRO or invoice verification is always can be performed for a single vendor .i.e.vendor is at header level (Details tab, invoicing party)

SO if you have 3 separate freight vendor (i.e 3 FRC1 condition at PO item) you have to perform 3 MIRO for them

Go to MIRO ->select planned delivery cost ->it will show you a pop up with 3 vendors ->select 1 of them ->perform MIRO ->Post

Perform twice for remaining 2 vendor

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hi thanks for responce.

my requirement is:

1) coal will be transported to railway station for loading

2) rail will carry to our near by station.

3) from our near by station to plant

so we need to pay for the 3 vendors.So plz suggest how to maintian conditions in PO.

plz suggest

bhanu Y

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Hi, Better to make 3 condition FRC1,FRC2,FRC3 and assign 3 different vendors to these 3 condition & proceed with 3 different MIRO for these Vendors.

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you have to make three value based condition in PO,condition should be planned condition like import Po so

while doing MIRO select planned layout in MIRo and select one by one condition and post MIro

Like select 1 condition and post miro

then select second condition and post mito

in M/06 make following seting for your condition ,so you can enter value for that condition like

1 condition value 100 and vendor code

for second condition value will be 200 and make vendor entry also for condition

Condition class A Discount or surcharg

Calculat.type B Fixed amount

Condit.category B Delivery costs

Cond.control A Adjust for quantity

Condit.origin A Automatic pricing


Kailas Ugale

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can u clear a bit more ur question, are you using one condition 3 times for same material?

if yes, then i will suggest, u use three conditions like 1st freight, 2nd freight and 3rd frieght and then u can assign three diiferent vendors for all three conditions.

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yup we use 3 times frc1 for 3 different to maintain it exactly.But FRC1 is value based condition against the quantity.there is no provision for specific quantity delivery by the vendor.

is there any possible in condition FRC1

plz suggest

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You can copy FRC1 condition type to another Z condition type and make the changesas per your reqmt quantity or value based or percentage based or the way you need. Then you can give desired vendor.

Meanwhile for this PO if you dont have any choice then go for the MIRO payment as per the unplanned delivery cost in MIRO tranx.

hope this helps


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Dear Bhanu,

Firstly FRC1 is quantity based condition now you want the quantity check in MIRO (FRB1 is absolute value based , FRA1 is Percentage based)

Lets take 1 example

PO quantity 100 Kg price 100 Rs/Kg. with 3 FRC1 conditions values are 5 Rs/kg ,6 Rs/kg,7Rs/kg (3 separate vendor A,B,C)

so total PO with freight =100100 +51006*1007*100

=10000 + 1800

=11800 Rs

Now say you have received 10 Kg of material

And for freight vendor A you are performing MIRO ->Enter PO ->Select planned delivery cost-> Pop up will appear

Select vendor A.

Now it will propose 50 Rs and 10 KG

If you enter qty as 11 kg it will show you warning ( that Qty exceed from GR) but

TO achieve this you need to set tolerance key DQ (Qty check) for your company ->select check limit in OMR6

and if want price check too set tolerance key KW this will check the amount of FRC1

You can also make this warning as error in OMRM message no M8 081 as error

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