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Problem after Performing Leaving action related to OM

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Hi this is the first time i am working in a an SAP HR environment where all most all components like OM,PA,Payroll,Time,PD etc is implemented in <b>4.6 Version.</b>

I had seen in the production server that after performing the Leaving action of the employee his/her Postion will change to 999999(Default postion) when we view InfoType 0001 0r 0000.

But in case of 1 employee it did not change to 999999 after leaving action was performed.It still shows the Position what he held when he was Active.

<b>Qn 1</b>.In the above case which is right?

<b>Qn.2</b> what should ideally happen in Standard SAP system in such case.

<b>Q3.</b> Can we change that postion to 99999 (default) of an employee whose status in Withdrawn?

<b>Qn.4</b>. Anyoption other than rehiring and terminating him to sove this?(is this option itself is right practise?)

<b>TIP: I dont know if the end user properly followed the steps in doing the Leaving Action</b>

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Hi Abhilash,

If you are getting the default position then the Integration plogi - preli is set to 99999999. and you should get it for all the termination action. Check with the user if she had run the leaver action as per your infogroup (in case her user profile is not set up)

Ideally thats the way it is set up as we dont need a position for a Terminated employee, and that position can be filled up by someone else.

You can change it to 99999999 if all other positions are default as per your termination action.