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Priority of Deductions in Payroll

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Hi, SAP Gurus

I have configured the Priority in Deduction during salary run and remaining Amount to pass to DDNT table and ARRRS table for deducting in next period payroll run.

I have configured Table V_51P6_B properly. Results are correct and as per priority wise.

When Amount of deductions is more then the Gross pay, Pauroll run giving the error and stops the process.

I have checked the Table V_512w_d for processing class 5 as 4, 6 as 0, 20 as 3 and 10 as 0.

I have a doubt whether i have to maintained more than one wage types for Recovery of Arrieres or some setting is missing in Table 512W_D.

Pl if any one has gone through this scenario, suggest me the probable remedies.

Its urgent and points are assured for solved query



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Answers (2)

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Use Indicators 00 & 01, in T51P1

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HI, Ramm

As you have mentioned that indicators 00 ans 01 are to be maintained in table.

My question is do i need to maintain additional wage types for each Deduction wage type and in TableT51P1 around 6 additional wage types are maintained for example MDD0 and indicators are 11 and 12.

If i had to do that then there will wage types in many folds for recovery of Arrieres.

Pl go through and advise.

Boss if any one has maped this scenario then pl suggest the ramedies.

Thanks and regds


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What is the priority you have assigned to the wagetype.

You have to select "A" under Priority


6 under "Arrears" in table T51p6.

Do this and check it once again. It will work for sure.

Please award points.



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Hi, Venu

I have configured the said table with Priority B and C thinking that all technical type wage types like

PF, VPF, ESI and Taxes contributions are in Priority A.

Accordingly i have given The Arriers as

6 for the amount " Every thing or Nothing and remaning to Arriers table and

3 for the Amount " Deduct what ever possible.

I am not sure whether this is the reason for the error i am getting.

Payroll is correct and acording to set priority in normal case but in perticular case such as

When Deduction are more than Gross salary, then there is error in Log and Pay roll exit.

Do i need to set the priority according to your suggestion??. Then what is the meaning of Priority A, B or C??.

Pl suggest