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Printing problem

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We have newly acquired Panasonic KX-P3626 from other plant. We are using this printer for printing CO document (S_ALR_87013611) and Z program. The line printout will leave some space in between the character or the font become smaller in certain line or even bigger in certain line.

We are using the panasonic driver, and even try for Epson driver, the disorder results still same.

Please assist.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Susan,

I hope the basis persons have configured the printer.

Also while printing any report, set the format to the one which suits ur printer (in the pop up that comes after u give print comand.

The below are the few example of the format available in SAP:

X_65_80 ABAP/4 list: At least 65 rows by 80 columns

X_65_132 ABAP list: At least 65 rows by 132 columns

X_90_120 ABAP list: At least 90 rows by 120 columns

X_65_200 ABAP list: at least 65 lines with 200 columns (not for a

X_65_255 ABAP/4 list: At least 65 rows with a maximum number of c

X_65_512/2 ABAP List: At least 65 Lines 2*256=512 Columns 2-sided

X_65_1024/4 ABAP List: At Least 65 Lines 4*256=1024 Columns Four-Sid

Select the one which fits the page and printer.



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