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Print material Document

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dear SAP Gurus,

Can you please tell me how to print material document.



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Answers (3)

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t code is MB90 to print material doc.



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1. In OMBR indicate the printer name as LOCL, Item print indicator as 1, Print version-2

2. In M706 ,maintain output types for WE01/02/03 (as required),Also check the default value ,dispatch time-3/4,Tr medium-1 ,print parametr-7

3.In OMJ3 mantain output device for all the plants MN21 for output type WE,mantain print version-3 ,print item as 1.

Than in MIGO check the print check box and than going to MB90 get the document number and execute for getting print out.

Reward If Useful.


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Tips for Fast Setting of Output Determination

This step describes the quickest way to configure output determination. If you execute the steps below, you do not need to read the Implementation Guide (IMG) for the other steps involved in output determination, or may only need to read parts of it.

If you want to use the standard configuration for output determination, you only have to carry out the following steps to create automatic settings:

1. In your client, start the program RM07NCUS. This copies all the standard settings from the client 000.

2. Under Maintain output types, maintain the following data:

a) If you want to send GR mails, enter a mail text for output types MLFH, MLGR, MLMD, and MLUD. The Implementation Guide for this step contains examples of texts.

b) Check the print parameter of all remaining output types:

. 7 = Printer determination by plant/storage loc. (standard setting)

. 9 = Printer determination by plant/storage loc./user group

. U = Printer determination by output type/user

. S = Printer determination by user parameters

3. Under Maintain conditions, create the condition records for all output types. The IMG for this step contains a list of the records that are to be maintained. Pay attention to the Time column ( NA_VSZTP,for example, 4 = upon update). If you only want to create those condition records recommended by SAP for output determination, you can automatically create them with program RM07NKON.

4. For each output type, maintain printer determination by plant/storage location, plant/storage location/user group, or output type/user, depending on the print parameter (7, 9 or U ) for the ouput type. If print parameter S is set, you do need to configure printer determination (printer from the user parameters).

5. If necessary, maintain the user parameters for each user under the Administration menu option:

a) Parameter NDR = X (upper case letter!) has the effect that the Print indicator is always set when you enter a goods receipt.

b) Using parameter ND9, define the individual user groups for printer determination by plant/storage location/user group.

c) Output device in the fixed values (for print parameter S)

reward if usefull