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Print barcode label

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Dear all,

I wonder there is any standard SAP program or SAPscript for printing of barcode label for let say putaway received items into warehouse (WMS module).

2nd question about bar code label.

Assume that we are using RF for scanning the barcode label for putaway and picking of the items in warehouse. What will be the key information that printed on the barcode label? Is that TO number of SU number or may be HU number?

If we are using TO number on the barcode label, that could be a problem after putaway stock into the warehouse, because when we try to pick the items for removal, we cannot scan the barcode label. Because the TO number is for putaway and not for picking. So, does that mean that in many business operations under SAP envinronment, the SU number/ HU number is printed on the barcode label, and use that as key information to move in/out of the warehouse?

3rd question, where do you configure in the system for printint the barcode label, and also control what information to be printed.

4th question, what are the barcode types are used?



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Thanks for this info Aktar. Was just about to post a similar question. But you have answered my question. Now I can get on with producing my own [barcode labels|]. Have got one question though, which in your opinion is the best printer to print the barcodes?


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Hi Dude75,

In my opinion, I got over 6 years of experience printing labels from SAP, the best branches are Zebra and Datamax, I really prefer Zebra, becuase provide a better integration with the smartform editor.

Best Regards.


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I have to print smart form label in a thermal Datamax printer.

How can I do this?

How I have to define the printer in transaction SPAD?

Is it necessary to insert some special code in SPAD o in the smart form?

The printer is connected to a windows printer server.


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Hi Tom,

1) When you copy the Warehouse No. from standard Warehouse No. 001, all the printer settings will get copied, except Printer Name (Label Pritner), so u don't have to worry about these forms.

2) While RF Scanning the, the system won't allow the Putaway by TO (LM03),

Putaway by SU No. (LM02) screens to enter the Picking TO numbers, even if you enter, it throws the error message.

Becoz, for Picking by TO (LM05), Picking by Delivery (LM06), the transactions are different which needs to be configured for Mobile Data Entry (RF Scanners).

While Printing the TO (LT31), there are different options to print TO, SU, SU Contents or SU Label etc.; so i hope there won't be any confusion.

LT32 - Printing based on SU (for open TOs only).

3) OMLV.

4) Barcode Standard - EAN 128 mostly.

Hope it is helpful.


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1). You can use SAP smart forms or Label designer solutions like Zebra Barone, Loftware Designer to design your labels. If you use non SAP solutions to design your labels, you will have to create a generated text object from your designer program and load it into SAP with SO10.

2). Your mobile data entry configuration can determine which fields to scan for your labels and accordingly you can design barcodes on your labels for particular fields like SU, source bin, destination bin, material, batch, quantity etc., Its up to the designer to decide which is most efficient way of chosing which fields for scanning. Thumb rule is to have least number of scans without missing any critical checks while performing your RF transactions. Standard RF transactions (LM**) do look at the configuration data in LE->Mobile Data Entry->Verification Control->Define Profiles to identify which fields need to be scanned while performing the transaction for your warehouse.

3). apart from above configuration, you need to configure the printer and labelf form in LE->WM->Activities->Define Print Control->Warehouse movement for respective form to be printed. Your form here should be the SO10 object you load in to SAP as in 1 above or from your smart form.

4). SAP allows all standard barcode types but it depends on your printer as some printers have certain limitations. EAN128 or Code 39 are some example popular barcodes.

Check SAP related integration information on

This is a Zebra site but gives good information on general label design considerations.

Finally give full points if you are happy

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Hi Tom,

Did you get solutions for the all the questions, as i am in need of the same data??

Thank you