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Primary Cost Planning: Depreciation/Interest INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT

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I ran AR18 and all of the Investment Program Themes are not calculating. When I run Primary Cost Planning: Depreciation/Interest report I don't see the Investment Mgt and the internal orders.

Do I need to configure anything?

Any help will be greatly apprecaited

Edited by: Frank Florian on May 19, 2008 11:05 PM

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assuming you have you're internal order and investment profile setup right, probably the only one you want to take care of is the "depreciation simulation version". please check.

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Thank I did check the config and everythign sems to be fine,

I ran AR18 Depreciation Simulation, I do see some Investment mgt there and some internal orders.

I a little confuse Do I just run it, and this is suppose to update

Primary Cost Planning: Depreciation/Interest

I ran it but still saw assets only.

What does AR18 is really supposed to do?

I noticed it did not give me an option to save it either. I am relatively new at this IM.

Any help will be greatly appreacited.

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My understanding of your question is, when you go to transaction AR18, you cannot see the projects and investment program positions in the selection criteria.

If this is correct, please try to "open up" the report by click on the button "all selections (Shift+F7)" or try to execute the program of this report (RASIMU02)

If this is not your question, can you please clarify your problem to me?

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Thank You for your prompt reply, O.K let me take from the beginning when everything started.

I first tried to run report S-ALR_87099918 Primary Cost Planning: Depreciation/Interest. This is where I became aware that the investment mgt and internal orders where not showing up.

I was told here in the forum to run AR18 which is Depreciation Simulation, which I did. When I run this report I see some investment mgt and some internal orders. I got out of the report and went back to run report S-ALR_87099918 Primary Cost Planning: Depreciation/Interest, but still I am not seeing the investment mgt and internal orders even after I ran AR18.

Is there anything else I have to do with report AR18, after I run it, since I see that you don't save it or do anything, what is this report supposed to do or update?

I sthere any other think that I have to ensure it is checked? or configured?

Thank you for prompt reponse.