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What is the difference between alternative calculation type and alternative condition base value?

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Alternative Calculation Type:

Normally if you want to calculate a value you have to use a calculation type for determinating the value. This calculation type is either addition, subtraction or multiplication. Similarly SAP also has got a default calculation type in the control data of the condition type. There you have the options of either Qty based , Fixed Amount Based or Percentage based.

Here what happens is suppose if you define Your condition type that calculates the base price of a material on Qty based. Then the calculation will be done based on the quantity of the material. If the customer orders 10 Nos and you have maintained a unit price of 100 Rs for each material then the value determined is 1000 INR. Similarly if the discount condition type , you maintain the calculation type as %. This means if you maintain the value of 10 % in the condition record. Then this percentage is taken as the calculation type and the condition value is determined.

In some cases you have to forego the default calculation types and use the customer specific method for calculating a value. For ex if you are calculating the Freight charges for a Material . it depends on so many criteria like, the weight, volume and also the minimum amount etc etc, in those cases, you forego the default value and then use the alternative calculation type in calculating the condition value against the particular condition.

Alternative Condition Base value :

If you have to calculate any value then you have to have a base value for it. For ex if you want to calculate the discount of 10 % for a material then you have to have a base value on which this 10% is calculated. Normally you take the condition value of the base price of the material to calculate the value.

Now you don't want to take the base value and take other values as base value which are derived on some formulae. So you create a routine which will do the mathematical operations in the routine and derive you a value which is now used as the base value for calculating the condition value for a particular condition type.


A factor in the condition technique that restricts access to a condition table. The system only accesses a condition table to determine the price if the requirement specified has been met.




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hello raja

basically in alternative calculation type we have a formulae

developed in ABAP to calculate the value of condition type rather than using standard condition technique . whereas the condition base value is formulae assigned to a condition type in order to promote an alternative base value for calculation of tax.

reply if this helps u.

all the best n tc


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Hi Raja in Condition Type....... The alternate condn type specify that from where & how the value for that particular type(e.g. price,discount)is's done by ABAP Progm........u can see the progm also......

But Alternate Base Type........specify that based on which value a particular value is calculated.

Ex: In a situation Tax may not be calculated from Gross might have been calculated from other alternative base(value).

In such situation alternative base is used.It's again done by ABAP Prgm.

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<b>AltCty - Condition formula for alternative calculation type:</b>• It is again a Routine that is written by ABAP Consultant.

• It is an alternative formula for the condition type that can be used instead of standard formulas.

• For example, let us take the Profit Margin which can be both + / - , so here this routine will help us in generating the value which can be either + or -. Profit margin is not a condition type so it cannot be classified as +ve or -ve in the V/06.

• Ex.: 950 0 Profit Margin 11.

• So we assign 11 - Profit Margin.

• If new routines are to be defined we follow the procedure given below.

o Go to T.Code: VOFM. - Maintain Requirements & Formulas

o Click on the "Formulas" and then on the "Condition Values".

o We have a list of routines, we can ask ABAP consultant to create new routines based on the client requests.

o And we assign the application type.

<b>AltCBV - Alternative formula for condition base value:</b>

• Formula for determining the condition basis as an alternative to the standard.

• It is again a Routine that is written by ABAP Consultant.

• It is used as a basis to calculate value of the condition type instead of using it from the "FROM" column.

• Ex.: Freight - KF00.

• Freight is calculated based on weight, volume etc. and not on the base price. In pricing there is no entry of weight from which the value can be referred like we do for discounts using base price. We have to get the value from the Material master.

• In this column we can mention the value as 12 - Gross Weight or 13 - Net Weight.

• During pricing, the system will consider the value that is mentioned in this column and determine the freight based on this value.

• Suppose we have Net weight: 100 kgs and Gross Weight: 150 kgs. And if we mention 13 in this column then the Freight condition KF00 will be calculated using the weight as 100 kgs.

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sam masker

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alt cal type can be %, qty etc,

where as base value is like changing the base price, ex. gross price of pen is 10 , to give discount you prepared routine base price is not ten but 10*.9=9 which is base price to calculate discount