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Could you please provide me a solution in Sales pricing for

the following scenario in SD Pricing.

Finished Goods Materials: A, B, C

price of A is X when sold independently.

price of A is Y when sold along with B in a sales order

price of A is Z when sold along with C in a sales order

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Here you can group the material A on the combination of material group. And then can maintain the Price for A.

Say B- Group

C- Group

In the material master you can use the Material Group Field to differentiate the grouping and also can use the same field to create the condition record as per grouping.

Now in the next part , Try using a user Exit where before you save the sales order , you can check at all the line item level as whether the Main item is there or not , if say

For material A system should check if is there any item B then change the Material group to B-group at item level before save

Similarly for C group.

Also you can u referesh the pricing on material group level in the user exit, so that before you save the system will update the pricing.

Try discussing the same with your Abaper for USEREXIT



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