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Hi Gurus,

1) What's the use of Tick Mark Field of calculation Type which is in Section CHANGES WHICH CAN BE MADE in Condition Type. Also How can we use it?

2) Use of Condition Update in Condition Type.

3) I am trying to use Condition Suppliment, I have made a Procedure and assigned 2 cond. type for example ABC1 and ABC2,

I assigned same procedure in condition type ABC1, now in Order system is determining Condition type ABC1 but not ABC2,

also determined condition is showing inactive reason is Inactive because of subsequent price ,.

Please help me.

With Regards,


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calculation Type which is in Section CHANGES WHICH CAN BE MADE in Condition Type:

From this "Calculation Type" check box , you can control whether the Calculation type of the Condition type can be changed in the document or not.

Condition Update:

When we want to give discount to the customer for say only for the first 3 orders, or for the first 10 pieces, or for first Rs.5000/- value reached also We wan that system automatically should deactivate the discount condition type in the Sales order once the limit (3 orders, 10 pieces, Rs.5000/-) is achieved.

We can set the limit in the condition record, either in terms of "number of orders", or in "condition base value" or in "condition value".

But, before settings this limit, we need to activate/mark/select this "Condition Update" check box in the Condition Type otherwise we can not set the limit.

Condition supplement:

I guess, you need to remove any Access sequence assigned to the Condition Type ABC2, which is not appearing.

Also, you should not add one more Price Condition Type as a supplement, beacuse two Price condition can not be active in one Sales order. There can be other possibilities also.