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Hello Guys,

Here is one Scenario.

When we create an Order for a Particular Item and with the help of Condition Record the price of that Material PR00 come automatically in Sales Order.

But we can change that Price Manually in the Sales Order.

I have a scenario that End User should not be able to change that Price in Sales Order.

According to my knowledge is it something related to Copy Control at Item Level with the field Pricing Type.

Please can you email me the solution of this Scenario.



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Answers (5)

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Hi Farhan

Goto V/06 --> PR00. Here you can see "Manual Entries" under "Changes which can be made". You have to select "D" here. Then your end users will not be able to change the unit price in sale orders.

Reward me if this helps you.


G. Lakshmipathi

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You are absolutely right..

Go to V/06 For PR00-Here in the "changes which can be made" section you have a field for "manual entries". In this field select "D - not possible to process manually"

Save and try Again...




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It means that condition type <b>"PR00"</b> is mandatory and for tht you have maintained a condition record in <b>"VK11"</b>. But as you say the user should not be able to change the price manually. This means that the field of the amount of the basic price <b>"KOMV - KBETR"</b> is <b>changeable</b>. This should be greyed out so that there are no chances of processiong it manually. Do the following:

1. Go to transaction code <b>"V/06"</b> - select your condition type <b>"PR00"</b>. Double click on it.

2. Here in the <b>"changes which can be made"</b> section you have a field for <b>"manual entries"</b>. In this field select <b>"D - not possible to process manually"</b>

3.Again in the same section you have a tick for <b>"Amount/Percent"</b>. If it is <b>ticked</b> then <b>remove the tick</b> and <b>save</b> the condition type.

Now try creating the sales order and the user won't be able to change the price manually.

Reward points if solution helps.


Allabaqsh G. Patil

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farhan u try to do in manuually in salas order with out giving condintion record

its possibile

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When maintaining condition type at v/06, "changes that can be made" section, choose "not possible to process manually"