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pricing procedure...

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hi all,

i made one pricing procedure for understanding....

the steps are....

1. create two cond tables.. 701 ( vendor/ material) and 702 ( plant material)

2 . create access sequence in which accesses are 70 1and then 702....

3. copy only one condn type PB00....

4. define one schema group....

5. def cal schema for standard purchase orders...

6. create one new vendor and assign that vendor schema to it...

still the system is nt accepting my procedure....

what am i missing...

do i have to mention pricing procedure in cond type itself???

system is showing navs and skto cond type extra and in analysis tab it is nt showing my procedure...

clear my doubts


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Do you see the pricing procedure you defined in the analysis TAB

In case not your new pricing procedure is not getting determined.....

The pricing procedure is determined based on the vendor schema group and POrg schema group...

Vendor schema group can be defined in vendor master and POrg schema group in customizing....Please check this...

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hi sidmi

i addition to above i maintain schema p org and do the settings required....

actually i want to research on Pricing proc step by step...

nw i got my procedure in analysis tab

and i maintain price through MEK1 for my vendor and material...

but still system is showing error

net price must be greater then 0...

however in cond tab it is showing the rate that i maintain in MEK1


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First i would suggest you to check your access seq

you do follwoing steps in Tcode m/06 goto PB00 and go inside the condition

here you will see your access seq.hit the access records button and check it out that your condtion records for access seq you have defined is pulled or not if it's not pulled that means the access seq has problem.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Sumit,

Have you done the assignment of Schema Grp P Org,Schema Grp vendor and the Pricing procedure?

If not do this and the PO will pick up your peicing procedure.

Try this and revert.



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Hi ,

I guess you missed out following step .

SPRO - MM - Purchasing - Conditions - Define price determination process - Define schema determination .

After this step you assign the vendor schema to vendor master . And you should not change any conditions . Keep try to retain original control data for each system given condition types .