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Pricing Procedure: requriement routine and mandatory field

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In pricing procedure, which setting has higher proirty between logic included in requirement routine or mandatory field configuration?

I have a condition type to store list price (copy of PR00), and it is configured as mandatory.

However, I want to include a requirement routine saying that 'Only for a specific order type and sales organization, set this condition type PR00 as optional.

That way I can set this PR00 as possible to override the amount.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Pinkytak,

During pricing, system would firstly read the setting of T683S-KOBLI(mandatory) for each condition type and set

it to internal table komt1.

Then while the system carry out the pricing determination, it would loop over all the condition types within the

pricing procedure and check requirement being assgined to them.

So I think it is possible to make use of requirement routine to realize your business requirement.

You could also add the logic in the requirement for PR00 and have a test.