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Pricing procedure calculation type RV64A908 not working as desired

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Dear All

I have a requirement in which we need the difference between the 2 condition types ZABC and ZXYZ in 3rd condition type ZDEF.

We have assigned one calculation type

RV64A908 to condition type ZDEF and have written below code :

*populate the ZDEF with difference between ZABC and ZXYZ
IF xkomv-kinak NA 'AKLMXZ'.
loop at xkomv INTO ls_xkomv_zabc
WHERE kposn = komp-KPOSN and
kschl = 'ZABC' and
kinak na 'AKLMXZ'.

LOOP at xkomv INTO ls_xkomv_zxyz
WHERE kposn = komp-kposn
and kschl = 'ZXYZ'
and kinak NA 'AKLMXZ'.

* populate the difference
xkwert = ls_xkomv_zabc-kwert - ls_xkomv_zxyz-kwert .
xkomv-kwert = xkwert.

But the above code is not working and we are not getting the difference values . Kindly advice what variables should be updated so that we will get the difference . Thanks in advance.

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Answers (1)

Active Contributor

Not sure whether you tried to achieve this with standard pricing procedure configuration or discussed with your SD functional consultant, if you are a technical consultant. It is difficult to suggest without seeing your pricing procedure and condition type configurations. You should have shared the screen shot of these configurations. Let us assume, both ZABC & ZXYZ are set to same Condition Class, Calculation type etc., you also need to set X for ZXYZ and place it next to ZABC in your pricing procedure. By doing so, you would get the difference between these two.

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Hello G Lakshimipathi , I'm a technical consultant .

Please see the configuration screen shot .