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pricing problem

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hi all,

while i am creating sales order in exports when i enter the conditins like BASE PRICE,FRIEGHT, then it is working fine. it is showing the total net value properly.

But, as soon as i enter INSURANCE condition then it is clearing the net amount value which was there earlier and it is overwritig the old net value with INSURANCE value.


till now base amount + freight = 10000

Now if i enter condition INSURANCE with value 100,

then the net value is getting changed to 100.

Plz help me out ASAP.

Thx & regards,


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Answers (5)

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All sub- totals steps which are used only for computation pupose should be made statistical. Though not very clear from your "word" reproduction, I think step 600 (CIF + Insurance) is not statistical, though being a sub-total field it should be. Please try the corrections and revert.


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Check the Condition Type for Insuarance in Transaction Code: V/06. In this specificly check that the condition is maintained as Discount & Surcharge / Insuarance & not Price.

I had faced a similar problem in one of the project & it was maintained as Price instead of Discount & Surcharge. Once I rectified the mistake, the calculations were working fine.


Rajesh Banka

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in the pricing procedure chek if the 'statistical' field is marked. for the other two conditions. also chek by changing the accting key field aganist thse condition types and also if u are maintaining some subtotals.


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Hi Pawan,

Please check the From and To columns for Net Value and Insurence condition type.



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hi Murali

plz look at my export pricing procedure and let me know the changes

10 0 ZFOB FOB Price 1 2 ERL

50 0 ZRMC Price Variation(-ve) ERL

55 0 ZA00 PriceVariation(+ve) ERL

300 0 Base Price 1 299 17

405 0 ZFR Ocean Freight X ERF

450 0 C & F Price(FOB+Freight) 300 430 17

500 0 JINS IN Insurance 400 450 X ERF

510 0 ZINE Insurance / KM X ERF

600 0 CIF Price(C&F + Insurance) 450 599 17

760 0 ZEX2 Basic Excise Duty 300 300 X 2 10 17 EXD

770 0 ZCED Education Cess 2% 760 X 6 10 17 EXD

780 0 ZA1X Sec. & High ECess 1% 760 X 6 10 17 EXD

790 0 BEDCESSECS 760 789

990 0 ZACC Accessable Value 300 300

992 0 JMOD IN A/R BED 990 990


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Dear Pawan,

can u send a print screen or an excel file...



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Hi Sunil ,

can u pls give me u r personei mail id ,so that i can send to u my screen in the attached file

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Please check your pricing procedure (Txn:VOK0). Most likely, against your entry for "insurance", you have made wrong entry in the "from", "To", or in the sub total field above it. Please check and correct it.