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Pricing in Service PO

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Hi Guys

Can anyone tell me how is pricing procedure determined for service PO with item category D. I have already assigned the pricing procedure to the document type in service price determination variale calculation schema in customizing but while PO creation the normal pricing procedure(In case of material PO) is determined and not the pricing procedure for services.

Is there something I am missing?

Thank you for your help.

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Answers (2)

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in the PO you will see the std pricing schema but when you hit the Condition button on the service tab of the PO at item details then you will see the schema which you have defined or the std SAP one will appears and this is use for the gross price you haave enter on teh service tab can be break in diff condition.

for more help see below

Calculation schema MS0000 is defined in the standard system.

This calculation schema requires 2 condition types for the gross price:

one for automatic price determination (standard: PRS) and one for manual

maintenance (standard: PRSX).

In the standard system, schema MS0000 is assigned for the documents

"RFQ/quotation" of document type AN and the documents "requisition" and

"purchase order" of document type NB.

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Where did you assign the Calculation schema for Service POs? In SAP, you can assign only 2 Pricing Procedures - 1 for for Stock Transport Orders and another for all other PO types. I think you assigned the Pricing procedure to the Service Document type for the first one. i.e STO.

This does not work. The pricing procedure for Service POs is the same as your Material PO pricing procedure. What are the cond types that are used additionally for Service POs. If any such cond types are there, they should also be included in your Std Pricing procedure.

Hope this clarifies.


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Hi! Prabhakar,

If you go to SPRO under external services you have the option "Maintain conditions for services" here you can define and assign calculation schema to document types...

I am not sure if we can define seperate pricing procedure for services...