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Pricing Formula

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Hello Colleagues,

Please help: I need a formula for PR00 (sales price) to default a value from a Z table. Requirement to determine the condition base value.

Can you guys please help me?

PR00 will not have a condition record. The selling price is calculated outside SAP. It is then interfaced to SAP and stored in a Z table.

I am not an ABAPer I am an SD consultant. I know wht you guys will want to say - please get an ABAPer. I do have one but we are @ 2 months from go live and I would like to help out with this one.

I do want to make use of a pricing requirement (VOFM) and I believe that what I need should be pretty straightforward.

We run DP82 to create project related quotations - in resource related billing we can setup the DIP profile to work with fixed prices and /or cost plus scenarios.

In this specific scenario, the entire project estimations are done outside SAP and then interfaced to create the project structure, populate estimated costs and store the selling price.

All these values are store in a Z table for PS Acitvities. Each activity will contain a cost and a revenue value - I need PR00 to determine this value.

Your help will be really appreciated

Herewith a suggestion from a fllow colleague: I think the "The Condition BASE Value Formulas" might work. The way I usually start is single click on an existing routine number type in the new number and hit Enter (Return). I don't know if you need to read any of the condition data but that should be in xkomv. The rest

would be to select the data from your custom Z table and put the value


What you might have the developer do is create a new routine and code a

hard BREAK point in it so that they can debug the routine to see what

all is available and what they can change.

I have tried this but the value is not pulling through. Can someone please help me with suggestions?


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Hi Kookie,

This seems a little bit complicated and not standard.

Why don't you load the price value externally with the rest of the sales order?

Example: Create the full sales order (including price) from the external system.



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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply.

This is actually quite normal, and I know it is done via SAP standard pricing requirements (formulas). Besides, I need this at quotation level and quotation is resource related, i.e. created via DP82 (which is quite standard as well).

I was searching for help on the ABAP code, as I know this is common practice in SD I posted hte question here as well as ABAP in hope that another SD consultant would be familiar with the code.



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Did you create a new VOFM condition formula, activate and assign it to the PR00 condition type in V/08. Use a "Condition formula for alternative calculation type" not the "Alternative formula for condition base value" If so, when you set the break point, what info is not available? To test I would do a debug replace at your break point and set xkomv-kbetr and XKWERT manually. You will have to do debug replace a few times as SAP Loops through this cond formula a few times. When complete your values should be associated to PR00, If so, you should be good to add your logic to retrieve the price from your z tables to the formula to populate both xkomv-kbetr and XKWERT. xkomv-kbetr should = EA price and XKWERT should = extended price. If qty = 1 then they both should be the same.


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