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Pricing Exercise In SD

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Hi Guys

This exercise is specially for those who are new to pricing concept in SD. So please go through this and try to setup Pricing Procedure according to below mentioned scenario. 

Pricing Master Data Required : The following master data needs to be created to complete this exercise. Please do not proceed further without successfully creating these. You can always refer back to the respective links to know more about creating them.

Create a SAP Customer master exactly similar to 1400 – say 123456

Create a new SAP Document Pricing Procedure. It’s just 1 character, so please ensure you don’t tread on other students.

Create a new SAP Customer Pricing Procedure. Once again its just 1 character, so please be careful.

If you are confident you can use an existing pricing procedure, please use it.

Other Configuration : Please finish the following configuration as well.

Create a new SAP Sales Document type ( as a copy of OR ) – say ZYYY

Create a new SAP item category ( as a copy of TAN ) – say ZXXX

Make sure the following combination exists .


Business Scenario : ABC Computers wants to price its desktop range of products ( material group 00200 ) and has decided on the following Logic. All prices are in USD.

Logic : First pricing should be checked for Customer-Material Combination. If such a price is not found, then look for customer group specific price for the material ( ie. if the material is found under a certain customer group, then select that price list ). If such a price is also not found, then default to the Base Price List. Find below the examples of their price lists. Please understand that these Price lists are different from the SAP Pricelist type field in the SAP Customer Master.

Base Price List

Material     Price

M-01     100

M-02     120

M-03     130

M-04     140

Customer Specific Price List

Material     Customer ( sold-to )     Price

M-01     1400     90

M-02     1400     100

M-03     1400     110

M-04     1400     120

SAP Customer Group Specific Price List

Material     Customer Group     Price

M-01     01     95

M-02     02     85

M-03     03     80

M-04     04     130

Question 1 : Configure an SAP Pricing Condition type and corresponding SAP Access Sequence and associate it to the SAP Pricing Condition tables that can cater to the scenario above and provide the following

The SAP Pricing Condition type you have configured

The SAP Access Sequence you have configured

The SAP Pricing Condition tables you have configured

Question 2 : Configure a new SAP Pricing Procedure and include the configuration you have done on Q.1 above

Provide the SAP Pricing Procedure you have created

Question 3 : Configure the SAP Pricing Procedure Determination so that for Customer 123456, when a sales order of type ZYYY is created, the pricing procedure will be determined. List the configuration to do the same below.

Question 4 : Create an SAP Sales Order and ensure that the pricing procedure has been determined

Give the SAP Sales Order Number

How did you determine in the transaction that the pricing procedure you have configured is being used in the transaction ?

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Are you giving any online test to SCN members and issue Course Completion Certificate ?   If you need any input from SCN, better rephrase your text and post.

G. Lakshmipathi

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Thanks for highlighting. I'm just new to SAP community so just couldn't post my concern properly. I was to post it in different sense but couldn't delete or edit it after it was posted. Apologies for Inconvenience caused to any SCN member. Stay Blessed.