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Pricing Error in Sales Order - How to Maintain...

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I am newbie in SD and having issue, I have a sales order where I enter material and get "Pricing error: Mandatory condition PB00 is missing". Now I know this condition is set for manual entry if it is not found via procedure. But where do I maintain this manual entry, I have checked everywhere and cannot find where I can manually enter or edit the PB00 condition at the item order level?

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GaryGrewal ,

In SD we use PR00 Condition type and not PB00. For PR00 you maintain datas in various combinations. Customer/ Materila or Material or Price list catgeory/ currency/material. This condition can be either kept manual or maintained as manadatory.

Can you explain us why you are using PB00 - Gross- Price Only if you have some special scenario...

You rename PB00 to ZPB0 and include in the pricing procedure.

This codition type does not have access sequence so you enter data manually during sales processing.

Which means moment you create sales order by entering sold to party, po no, material and the qty. Then Double click Item details --> Choose Condition tab. OR Choose the line item and then Click GoTo --> Item --> Conditions

In Condition Type column enter "ZPB0"

In Amount Column enter the value.

That's it check the value. click save

Please visit

[ ] Choose sales and Distribution and go through the concepts i hope it will help you understand the basic principle and the process



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Hi Gary

Double Click on your item and then goto Condition tab.

There you will find col. "CnTy" there enter PB00 and under amount col enter some amount then press enter.

And save the sales order.

try and revert

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U can visit site for pricing configuration

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Hi Gary,

Here in our case the condition PB00 is a manual condition and has No access Sequence attached to it. So the condition Cannot be maintained using T-code Vk11 for maintaning the value for the same do the following:

a) Select the line where you have entered the Material code and then click on the Dollar icon (item condition) seen just below the line item. This will take you to the pricing screen.

b) Here click on the + icon (insert row) on the right hand bottom side and select the condition PB00 and press enter.

c) Now mantain the price for the condition and then save the order.

Hope the above helps you!!



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Goto Tcode: VK11 enter the material name or number and enter as per your requirement

goto Tcode: v/06 find the condition type: PB00, double click or select condition type, click on details.

in manual entries field: maintain C ( manual entry has priority)


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Hie Gary.

I think you should:

1) create condition records for PB00 via tcode VK11. (If you receive error message 'There are no access sequences for cond type PB00' you should maintain the access sequence in Customizing first)

2) Choose your Key Combination

3) FIll in the material and its pricing, then SAVE

4) Re-create yr sales order. See if this works.


Haryati Haron