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Pricing condition Urgent

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Dear all,

Is it possible to assign differen condition type to different PO type we have created a condition type by coping from schema



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Answers (3)

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Hi sima,

You can maintain the Condition records by PO Document typewise.

Create a Aceess Sequence by taking the Access table having the field Document Types. U have also option to create Access table with desired Fields.

Assign this Access Sequence to Your Condition Type to which u want to assign different Document type.

Maintain Condition records for the same condition type with Combination of Document type and material or Vendor.


Sanjya L

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Here u r not assigning a Condition Type to PO.

U R assigning a Condition Type to a Calculation Schema.Calculation Schema to Vendor.

So u can assign different types of Conditions to Different Vendors,but not one vendor

Thanks & Regards


> Dear all,


> Is it possible to assign differen condition type to

> different PO type we have created a condition type by

> coping from schema



> regards

> seema

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Condition Type are maintained in Calculation schema, this schema in purchase document will be triggered by Schema group maintained in vendor master, so the pricing condition in PO are not specific to PO document type, You can its vendor specific

Thanks & Regards,


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Yoy mean to say that I acn assign or make it vendor wise PLS PLs explain me how to do it and in vendor master how to assign it


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Following is the Price determination procedure in Purchase order.

Pricing Configuration In brief.

Access Sequences : Is the Search strategy based on tables, Records

Condition Types :

Conditions are stipulation agreed with the vendor,Condition type will have access sequence in them ( not mandatory for manual conditions)

Pricing Procedure : It is structure / frame for condition on what basis the calculation has to take place

<u>Schema Group</u>We have

Schema Groups: Vendor

Schema Groups for Purchasing Organizations

Assignment of Schema Group to Purchasing Organization

<u>Schema Determination</u>

For the Schema Grp Purchase Org , Schema group vendor Combination we will assign Pricing Procedure

<u>Master Data maintainable</u>

While creating the Vendor master We attach a schema group defined in above step in Purchasing view

Based on Schema group and Purchase Org, the linked Pricing procedure will appear in Purchase order document

One Vendor will have only one schema group, any Purchasing Document created with that vendor will have same Pricing procedure and Conditions, this is not Purchase document specific.

If you want different type of Pricing Procedure, then you must create different vendor schemas and assign it vendor master.

Generally We created two pricing procedure one for Domestic another one for Imports

Thanks & Regards,