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Price Varaince With ref to Purchase Order

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We want to set the price variance while respect to po.for example if PO qty value is 10,000$ , we don't want to receive more than 10,100$ .how to do this in configuration ?

Any help will be highly appreciated

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Answers (3)

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I am not sure about this we can set the tolerance limits for goods receipts.

When processing a goods receipt, the system checks each item to

determine whether the goods receipt varies from the purchase order or

the material master data.

The different types of variances are defined by tolerance keys. For each

tolerance key, tolerance limits can be set per company code.

The following variances are checked in Inventory Management:

o Variance in the purchase order price quantity


For this variance, two tolerance keys are provided:

- Tolerance key B1 (error message)

You use tolerance key B1 to define the maximum percentage

variance. If the variance is greater than the maximum variance,

the system creates an error message. The user cannot post the

goods receipt...

<b>This would refers to the PO Price variance with respect to GR ..</b>

Any Suggestion please

Is it possible to use to make the GR variance with respect to PO Price ?


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We want to check at the time of GR only , not at the time of IV

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During GR, YOU cannot check for the total value of the PO.... During GR, you can check for Moving Average Price variance and Order Price Qty. variance only...... In IR, You can activate Tollerance limit DQ for your company code in Transaction code OMR6 for your required tollerance....

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If you do not want to receive invoice for more than $10100 if your PO value (Rate * quantity) is $10000

Go to <i>SPRO --> Materials Management --> Logistics Invoice Verification --> Invoice Block --> Set Tolerance Limits</i>

You can set the various variances here. In your case, you can set the value of BD to $100. Please remember this is an absolute value and will be high percent for small invoices.

If you do not want to do GR for more than $10100, then set overdelivery tolerance to 1% in the PO (Item Details)

Hope this helps.