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Price diffrence in VA02 and VA03 for a Sales Order

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Hi Sap Gurus ,

We are facing a peculiar Problem in Sales Order . We have created a Sales Order , Delivery and Invoice . Once we go back to check Sales Order we found that there is no similarity between the Pricing in both Display ( VA03 ) and change mode ( VA02 ) .

For a perticular condition type in display value is correctly picking but in change mode same condition type is getting picked wrongly but in Invoice the value is updating correctly .

Please let us know is some one faced the same problem and get the solution for the Same .

Usefull answers will be awared accordingly.

Thanks in advance .

Ganesh sagar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check any Z-routines are assigned in ur pricing procedure, in past i had experianced the same problem in that scenario ABAPer developed the routine it was updating in item table level but not the header ur case first any Z routines are written if not check any routines are activated or not(for activatin execute the report RV80HGEN).



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I differ from the suggestions given already above. Whatever user exit / badi is applied in sale order, it will update only if there is no subsequent document for that line item.

In your case, since you have confirmed that you have generated billing document, there is no possibility of amending the value via any user exit and if it is happening, then it is a weird case which should be taken up with SAP directly according to me.


G. Lakshmipathi

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have you created and assigned a z routine for calculation for the condition type ? the error might be in the routine configured

the routine must eb triggering again and getting some fresh value at change mode and again reclaculating the value at invocie creation

check what are the paraqmeters in the rouitne , is it based on date etc or some event and correct accordingly

Hope this helps