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price difference account

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Hi refer to the cases & please suggest

We have to load the Planned Delivery cost MIRO for bank Charges on materail , the Scnerio is the material is issued from the Stock,&there is no material in unrestricted use

While Simulating the MIRO for Bank Charges insted of going to price difference account, the system is determing the GL-Gain/Loss from Inventory revaluation (MR21)u201D

I have also checked the OBYC for val class 3020. Proper account has been maintained for Price Difference but it is determining Revaluation a/c MR21 while posting MIRO. Please help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear What system is proposing right because one critical point which is that your material is issued from stock so when you are posting the freight charges for that stock then it didn't find the stock where to charge so system is hitting to inventory gain and loss account because as you mentioned the ordered recieved stock is issued.


qsm sap

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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please make it understandable.

from my understanding , In PO u made frieght charges / planned delivery cost for 300/-.

now doing miro , it is posting to some other account .

for example,

If so , PO item , frieght cdn type 300/- acct key (FRE)


if u wnt 300 to post to ur gl account . Maintain The req GL account in the Act ket FRE in OBYC.

plzz check.

theis is the logic