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price dfference

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SAP masters:-

I am one of the job trailer,in SAP, I have attend the one of the interview, so they are asking this question i.e we are raised the purchase order 1000 units(quantities), so we are RECIVE THE GOODS receipt in 800 units(quantity), (shortage 200 units). but hereis also we get the INVOCE RECEIPT is also 1000 units,here is the system What Entry gives, where the difference go from the shortage 200 units, what entry, plz give help for this doubt,

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Just to complement to the entries given by Girish, the flow is as follows-

When u post the Invoice for 1000 units-

GR/IR Dr( for 1000 units valued at PO rate)

To Vendor

(ii) When u realise that the 200 units are not going to be recieved, u make a Debit Note to the vendor as follows-

Vendor Dr( for the 200 units valued at PO rate)


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Hi Suresh

You can actually do a MIRO for 1000 units even if u have recieved 800 units. This obviously depends on the business scenario when the organisation expects the reciept of the shortfall of 200 units from the vendor. If 200 additional units are recieved later, then the issue stands resolved. However, if the organisation does not expect the reciept of the additional 200 units after MIRO of 1000 units, then a Debit note can be raised for the 200 units.

Correct me if i am going wrong here.

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Harish: thanks for u response my querry, but here what is the entry for the posting to the system, in the shortage, post or not.

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The Entries would be lets say that the rate is 1 per qty.


Invoice Verification entry would be

GRIR A/c Dr 800

Vendor A/c Dr 200 (for the shortage of 200).

Vendor A/c Cr 1000



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In the case mentioned by you, if the GR is for 800, you can do IV for 800. So there is no question of price difference.

Price difference arises when the rate in PO is different from rate in invoice.

So in your case if the rate in PO for 800 units is 10 and when you do IV for 800 units and the rate is 10.20, the 0.20 would go to a different price difference account.

The PDF account should be assigned in OBYC,


*assign points if useful

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As you said, you have recd the goods 800 units only, so you should do MIGO for 800 units,based on the MIGO, you will do the Invoice verification (MIRO) for the same quantity. i dont think there a possibility of doing MIRO for more qty than MIGO qty. If it possible to post more qty at MIRO level, the entry will be the same as usual and the GR/IR account will show the diffence.

Entries are : at the time of MIGO

Raw Materail A/C dr

To GR/IR Clearin A/C

at the time of MIRO

GR/IR clearing A/C dr

To vendor A/C


Yatheendra Nath