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preventive maintenance plan scheduled in the past

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Dear colleagues,

I am facing a situation which I do not really understand 8-/


IP42 create maintenance strategy plan

u2022 Only 1 item with one equipment

u2022 Task list with the following packages:

u2022 3M, 6M, 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 5Y, 7Y, TY (=10years)

u2022 Scheduling parameters:

u2022 Time u2013 key date

u2022 Call horizont 100%

u2022 Scheduling period 42 DAY

We are running IP30 on a weekly basis (each Sunday), with the following details:

u2022 Intervall for call objects: 42 DAY

u2022 Rescheduling incl.

u2022 Immediate start for all

The following scenario:

Today, I create a maint. plan: 12.10.2010

With the start of cycle date in the past: 01.10.2009 (smaller than today and in the year before)

Save and run IP30 (as described above)

This is what I expect:

The next package should be the 3M package on 01.01.2011 because equipment is active since 1 year and 3 month then.

Due to the fact, that I chose 42 days (=6 weeks) as the scheduling period and interval for call objects, the order should not be called yet because it is > 42 days until 1.1.2011.

So I expect a planned call with basic start date 01.01.2011

But the system creates 1 call item:

1 called service order with basic start: 01.10.2010

Does somebody understand, why the system creates orders in the past?

Thanks a lot for you help.

Best Regards,



background information concerning scheduling parameters:

Reason for the constellation (call horizont=100%, scheduling period/call intervall in ip30=42days):

Only like that, we can make sure that the order is always created about 6 weeks (+/- 4 days) before the service has to take place, independent from the package size. So we cannot use e.g. call horizont=75% -> for 3M package, order would be created about 3 weeks before; for 5 year package, about 1 year before...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Philipp,

Key points:

1. Start of cycle - As you wish you shall use the same date for start of cycle

2. Offset - You should specify here what package you finished just prior (to create this plan) with the date.

eg: 1Y (12th Month package from 1.10.2009 completed on 1.10.2010) - So the next 3M will be called on your WO with a due date of 1.1.2011 (according to your scheduling parameters)


Edited by: Yogaraj Natarajan on Oct 12, 2010 3:06 PM

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Dear Yogaraj Natarajan,

thank you for your answer. This solved the issue...

I run IP10 and set "start in cycle" with offset 12M package.

The next planned date is the 3M package on 1.1.2011.

Which is correct.


During our migration, we did not use the functionality start in cycle/offset. The system created all orders correctly and recognized cycle starts in the past and just called the next package.

Do you have an idea how an why this behavior changed?



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hi i have the same problem, how have you solved?

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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System behavior is correct.

Since the start of date is in the past, system cannot schedule the dates in past. You have to enter the last maintenance completed date in the start of cycle to get the desired results.

Change the start of cycle date and try.


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As your start of cycle date in the past: 01.10.2009 (smaller than today and in the year before) Plan always start to call the object from Its Start Date of Plan.So 3M cycle is Due on 01.10.2010 and you are getting the Right information from system.Also Schedule Interval or Schedule Period Only Governs For At least you can Have One Call In queue or On Hold .

Try to shift the Start Of Date of plan much earlier to get the Desire calls.