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Prevent changes to PO before released

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Once a release strategy is invoked for a PO, I'd like to be able to prevent/lock the PO from changes until it has been released.

I noted that on the PR release indicators there is a way to set the PR to display only (via the field selection key).

I can't seem to find this kind of functionality as part of the PO release procedure. Does this functionality exist?

Thanks for any insight you can provide,

Angela Lee

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Answers (4)

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Ok, I've set up a PO release strategy whereby when the strategy is triggered the release indicator is set to "1" or "cannot be changed" during release. Once the PO is released/approved, the release indicator is set to "6" or "changeable, new release if new strategy or value change/outputted". When I am in the PO and I've triggered the release strategy, the PO screen goes gray and you can't make changes to the PO. This is what I want. I don't want users to make change to the PO until after it is released.

Now my problem/issue comes back to light when I back out of the unreleased PO to the main menu and then go back into it via ME22N. For some reason even though my PO hasn't been released yet, I can now make and save changes to the PO. I want the PO to be unchangeable until it is released. I've checked OSS notes, and I can't find anything that specifically addresses this issue.

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Dear Angela Lee,

The field selection key only available for PR but not PO in use of release strategy

in customizing (release indicator). For PO, you only have the option with changebility

= 1 for the indicator to avoid any changes before PO release but not the FSK.


Loke Foong

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To control your requirement, i suggest you used "Version Management" functionality if you are in ECC 6. So, the changes in PO will be captures by this functionality.

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Hi Angela,

Like PR in PO release indicator you can define whether the document may be changed by Purchasing after the start of the release procedure or not by selecting "Chgable" value 1 in relaese indicator .The difference for PR (internal doc ) & purchasing (external doc) is that for PR you can define Whether the item may be changed by Purchasing or Materials Planning and Control after the start of the release procedure while here it implies for whole document.