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Prerequisites for costing run

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Can anybody tell me the prerequisites for costing run..

I thought the requisites are BOM and routing only.. Is there anything else..

What is a Product cost collector... Please explain the importance of the same..

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Pre - Requisites for costing Run :

1. Material Master With costing view

2. BOM

3. Routing.

4. Workcentre ( with cost centre / Activity type)

Once when you have all the master data then a costing variant should is required.

this is at configuration level.

Product Cost collector:

1. these are used in the Repetivite manufacuting sceenarion.

2. in Rem we dont have individual production orders, we willcreate one produce cost collector for the material/plant /production version combination.

3. This actually genarates a CO order

4. This product cost colletor becomes the central point for collection of all cost related to that material

5. All the costs collected here will be settled to the material periodicaly..

6. You can create PCC with kkf6n.

Kindly let me know ur feedback