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Prepayment amortization

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My customer would like SAP to automatically amortize prepayment balance. However, they would like to calculate amortizing amount by day for example; if they have 1,000,000 prepayment and must be amortize for 1 year, in January they would like to amortize by 1,000,000 x 31/365. Is it possible to do so? How does it work?

Second question, is there any features of SAP so that the customer can see the movement of prepayment?

Thank you

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Hi Nalin,

I don't think SAP has standard solution to automate the amortization by day. But you can try following option

JV Recurring entry (FBD1, F.14, SM35, F.15)

1.You can work closely with your FI consultant to create 5 recurring doc via FBD1 for

a.) Recurring doc 1 (31 days): for Jan, Mar, May, and Jul (starting from Jan, ending in Jul, interval =2, amount = 8,4931.51)

b.) Recurring doc 2 (31 days): for Aug, Oct, and Dec (starting from Aug, ending in Dec, interval =2, amount = 8,4931.51)

c.) Recurring doc 3 (30 days): for Apr, and Jun (starting from Apr, ending in Jun, interval =2, amount = 8,2191.78)

d.) Recurring doc 4 (30 days): for Sep, and Nov (starting from Sep, ending in Nov, interval =2, amount = 8,2191.78)

e.) Recurring doc 5 (28 days): for Feb(starting from Feb, ending in Feb, interval =1, amount = 7,6712.31)

2. User just need to execute F.14 and SM35 monthly to post the amortization JV.

3. user can view the movement via FBL3N, FBL3H, FAGLL03, FAGLL03H