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Preferred Inspection Type

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Dear All,

I have a question about 'preferred inspection type' in QM view.

We are using 2 inspection types for parts.

Type A - vendor inspection ( origin '01' ) :  created by 3rd party system using RFC

Type B - G/R inspection ( origin '01' ) :  created by G/R document

Only Type A is activated in QM view and someone check the 'preferred inspection type' in Type A.

Even though G/R inspection is not activated and stock type of purchase order is unrestricted,

G/R inspection lot is created when goods receipt purchase order.

One strange thing is that  inspection type is not B but A.

I wonder why G/R inspection lot was created.

I would welcome any helpful comments.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Anand Rao already answered correctly.

For your information I add more things.

1. SAP creates an inspection lot based on lot origin.

Please refer the configuration for movement type (transaction OMJJ)

The movement type 101 (GR) is linked with lot origin 01.

2. SAP creates an inspection lot with inspection type which is defined as variant 01.

Please refer the configuration for relationship between lot origin and inspection type.

QCC0 > Quality Inspection > Inspection Lot Creation > Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types

3. But SAP creates an inspection lot with another inspection type (even it is not variant 01) if you select 'preferred' indicator.

In your scenario..

You activate type A which is not variant 01, and select 'preferred' indicator.

When you execute GR with movement type 101, SAP checks activation of any inspection type which is preferred and linked with lot origin 01.

If no, SAP checks activation again for variant 01 and lot origin 01.

If you want to know more with local language, send an email to me.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi, I think you have assigned only inspection type A in material master and not B. System will thus create an inspection lot for A and not for B!

Preferred inspection type plays an important role when 2 inspection types (that belong to same inspection lot origin) are assigned in material master. Then while creating lot, system checks this indicator. Activating only one inspection type with preferred is merely same as activating it without preferred tick!


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Hello Kyugnseok,

Please check if SAP enhancement QAAT0001 is active then inspection type is used which is determined by component EXIT_SAPLQAAT_002 when creating the inspection lot.

Best Regards,


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Dear Mr. Brahmankar,

It is not active.

Thank you