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PREC: two spools are created

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We are having a problem when we run tcode PREC in 6.0 version.

When we run it in background, we see that two spools are created but in

4.6C version we only had one. Besides, we don´t see the trip number nor the

emplyee number in the second spool.

Currently this is only happening when "invalid event" error is

populated but we don´t know if there are another errors that bring

about the same.

So, the questions are:

Why two spools are being generated?

what other errors could cause the two spools to be created?

what is the second spool for?

Is there a posibility to show all the information in one spool?

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Hello Emiliano,

This is not an error.

If you run the RPRTEC00 not in background mode, you will get

the error for the Rejected Trip in the first screen. If you press the

back button you will get the additional information "Invalid event

(status 2)" in the second screen. This is the reason why in the job

it created two spools. Nevertheless the "Invalid Event" message will

not help with the error because the important one is in the first

screen already, the rejected trips.

This is a standard behaviour rather than an error.