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Pre-Tax Deduction Wage Type

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What is the best practice to create a new Pre-Tax Deduction Wage Type that will be used for a new Benefit related program?

I will need this new pre-tax deduction wage type to be processed in Third Party.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can copy one of the model wagetypes BA , BE , BR series has most of benefits wagetype.

BA_ _ EE Contribution

BE_ _ EE Contribution

BR_ _ --> Employer Contribution

M730 401K contribution

1. goto Pu30 use one of the model wagetype and copy to a custom wagetype

2. change it hr payee and vendor number in the SPRO--> Payroll --> Payroll US --> third Party remittance node

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For pre tax deduction wagetypes, you can copy the the wagetypes belonging to BE** series...

All the BA** series are post tax wagetypes.

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