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PRD key in subcontracting

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In subcontracting process, how PRD account key will be triggered.!! for the final subcontracting mateial Standard price maintained. but still PRD is not triggering @GR. any customization setting I should do!!

note: The summation of component prices are different from final prodcut price.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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can you share what entries you are getting?

I think PRD is not hit in standard config while doing subcontracting  ( sure for MAP  material but may be for material with standard price)

please check out if following customization node helps you.

SPRO --->MM---> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory ---> Goods Receipt--->  Price Differences for Subcontract Orders at Goods Receipt



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Some time Price difference account triggers with PRD key as Credit and Some other time as Debit as per Price control setting in material master and Price in purchasing document.

As you clearly says , you have Price control S in all material master( Final product and also for raw materials).Now just cross check purchasing document which is your Sub-contrcat order price of Final product(ME23N) which may difers from price maintaioned in the masterial master of Final product(MM03,acccounting- 1 view),so PRD key triggers during tranactions.


Biju K