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PRC for Leave encasement based on basic pay wage type

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Hello Expertise,

I am writing PRC  1st time could please advice me how to complete for leave encasement based on client leave policy requirement.

the requirements are  only basic pay wage type for leave type privilege leave. I am sharing policy based on please advice me.




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Answers (3)

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This requirement of leave encashment on a particular day of year can't be covered by entering no.of days IT 416 (automatic or manual method).

Following config should do:

Substitute xx in following config by the PL quota type,  For example, if 50 is PL quota type, constant  ZxxM1 in V_T511K is Z50M1.


a)In pcr lines, if the first character in the operation column is * (asterisk), it is equivalent to NEXTR (go to next line).  This would be required, if a PCR line is fully used with Op'ns and you don't have enough space for NEXTR.

1. Table changes

1.1 V_T511K - configure constants as below.  This will help future changes as well as it helps that prior to 1 Jan 2016, the schema/pcr's will not affect past leave or payments.

1.1.1 Max PL balance as of Jan 01

    ZxxM1  Max xx leave balance  01.01.1900  31.12.9999  9999999.00

   - Delimit the constant on 01.01.2017 and form this date, it is set to the new m,ax 150 days as below

    ZxxM1  Max xx leave balance  01.01.1900  31.12.2016  9999999.00

    ZxxM1  Max xx leave balance  01.01.2017  31.12.9999      150.00

1.1.2 Max PL encashment days

  ZxxEN  PL encashment limit   01.01.2017  31.12.9999       12.00

1.2 W/t for PL encashment

1.2.1  Txn PU30: Copy/create a w/t for PL encashment say 6xxC where xx is PL quota type - by copying the current Privilege Leave pay w/t.  This will enable that the PL encashment uses the same val.basis as the normal PL pay w/t.

   The txn lists all the tables/views copied.  Check each of these and add/correct/delete entries as required.

1.2.2  V_512W_D: No prorating reqd. pcl 10 = 0 Eval cl 02 - Payslip printing; same assignment should do, so no change

1.2.3 Payslip: The new w/t nees to be added to total pay in the payslip. Ensure as required in PE51 txn.

If you use HRFORMS, entries to be added for total pay in different tables

1.2.4   Posting.  If the PL encashment is to be posted to the same GL a/c as for PL leave pay, then there is no change required.

  Else, create a new symbolic a/c as PL encashment.  Assign the symbolic to the w/t. and assign the symbolic to the GL a/c as required.

1.2.5  Check any other report requirement.

2. Time eval schema

2.1 Insert after QUOTA function

     IF  ZCPR                      If PL encashment required on this date

     ACTIO ZCPL                 - Calc PL encashment hrs


2.2  pcr ZCPR    Check if curr day of time eval is Jan 01

      (time mgt pcr - prog class T, country ghpg * - applicable to all countries)  


               SCOND=F IF *         Set cond as false

        1      HRS=CURMO*        get curr mth

        2 D   HRS?1                    Jan?


=         D   HRS=CURDY          - yes; get curr day

=  *

=  =          SCOND=T IF            -  - Jan 01; set cond true    


2.3  pcr ZCPL  Calc PL encashment days


                  HRS=FRxxC*            Get current xx quota balance

          1      HRS-KZxxM1               minus max. xx abs quota balance

           D    HRS?0                    Balance > 0?

*                HRS<KZxxEN*          - yes; limit days to max leave encashment days

*         1     ADDZL 6xxC              - - create encashment w/t.               

<                                               - No; no action

3. Payroll subschema XT00 - No changes reqd.

  Time w/t valuation PCRs will cover valuation similar to Priv Leave pay w/t

Above should cover the needs for leave encashment.

If you need changes in abs quota generation due to changes in no.of days entl per year, then you need to delimit the PL abs quota entl table entries (in V_T559L Abs quota).  This may have (a)several's for age or service related entries and (b)more than one set of groupings may be eligible for PL

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Hi Suman,

find the leave encashment documents, may be useful to complete your scenario.

Best regards

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Hi Suman,

To Pay the PL amount in Payroll  , you have two options

P1- Create a new WT 15 and maintain the no of days and the amount will be calc in payroll via PCR

P2- configure the IT 0415 and assign the wage type leave encashment in the SPRO and system will calc.

For these both options you need to write the PCR .

As per your req , the payment of each PL is on 1 days basic. i.e 1 PL = Basic /30

Basic Pay WT 5000

Leave encashment WT 6000

Leave encashment basis

EG * WT 5000


Leave encashment calc

EG * WT 6000

Amt= 6000AMT/30   MULTI ANA ADDWT 6000

Insert LE basis in XT00 Schema and LE calc after P0416 functionl.

in case if you are using through IT 0015 then update in Additional payment schema

Hope this will help.

Also please search the forum and you will get some other ways to this.

Good luck

Best Regards

Venkata Manikanth

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Hello Venkata,

Thank u for ur reply with solution, well I am writing 1st time quite confused,

I have created PCR based on ur  guide line and add in schema XT00.

I am sharing my screen short please let me know whether  it's correct or I need to change.

2nd. I have configured  in SPRO.

3rd as per my requirement there is one point mention regarding separation employee .

is that PCR for all employee group or I need to created different PCR for separation

Could you please advice me ?

PCR screen short

Schema xt00



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Hi Suman,

You need to add basis for LE..for that you have to write another PCR as I mentioned in my mail.

As per your example: LE is 9009, but the amount has to be arrived into 9009 i.e on basic pay.

So get the basic pay amount into 9009.

Good luck

Best Regards

Venkata Manikanth

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Hello Venkata,

Thanks for you guide line, PCR is quite confusing  for me that what I want make it very clear.

I have corrected please let me know whether I am going to write direction.

NOTE: 9009 is my WT for leave encasement and Basis pay WT is 0801.

and you have mention in ur previous mail regarding  IT0015 if minted so IT0015 additional schema should me maintained .could u plz advice me regarding ths shema

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I am happy to see you here again..

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