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PR restriction for components added via Work order

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Dear Gurus,

I know my question might sound a bit stupid, but maybe you will give me the right direction. The concern is: business purchasing csdt materials through network(mostly non-stock), issues by work order(stock ones). When these stock materials qty is 0, instead of purchasing through network, they just add them into Work order, which will generate PR in demand of added qty. Same time, purchasing team starts purchasing the same material through network. So as a result, material purchase gets doubled and its extra expenses. So is there any possibility to restrict generating of PR for materials(csdt) added through WO, but allows through network order?

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You can add a material component to a network activity and create a preliminary reservation. When a real demand is created from the workorder MRP won't duplicate the demand, it consumes the preliminary demand.

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Hello Dan,

We can achieve this through the below methods.

Method 1:

You can restrict the item category "L" against material type and plant for the maintenance order. Then item category field can be made invisible so that change may from L to N may not be possible. Since item category N only can trigger a PR. PR from order can be restricted.

The below are the customizing paths

1. Customizing > Plant Maintenance and Customer service > Maintenance and Service processing > Maintenance and Service Orders > General Data > Define Default Values for Component Item Categories

2.In the Production server > Go to IW31/IW32 > Component tab > top right of the table there is a Configuration icon> Click the icon > click Administrator button > Set field IC (item category) as Invisible > Click Activate button to activate and Save.

Method 2:

A custom check can be written in order save event (User exit: IWO10009).

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Check your config, what is assigned

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service - Maintenance and Service Processing - Maintenance and Service Orders - General Data - Define Default Values for Component Item Categories

For all Material types assign only L, in default system should propose only Stock.

In case if this does not resolve your issue, then you need to put a code to make L default when the component is selected. Check with your abaper