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PR Release strategy Problem

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i have deleted one release strategy and made changes in existing release strategy and still i m getting deleted strategy in my PR .

why this is happened ??

help me out in this matter its urgent ?? plzzzzzzzz................

Thanking you ppl in advance.........

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Answers (2)

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Dear Kaushal,

Its not recommend that you delete a release strategy when there're already transaction.

Just clear all the characteristic value and create a new one.



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Dear w1n ,,,

i can make the same strategy which are deleted no need to make new one... just if i put it characteristics different then it wont harass me . Now no need to delete , until i need to make some new and i m not getting any other name then i will over rite it with some other characteristics,..

well thanks again for the response dude.. keep it up !!!!

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proceed as follows:

Make all the deleted release settings in Customizing again, save them, and then delete them in the following sequence:

1. Delete the release strategies

2. Delete the release indicators

3. Delete the release codes

4. Delete the release group

5. Delete the class (Transaction CL02), provided a new one was created for the new release strategies.

Then use Transaction SE16 to check if the entries in the tables T16FK, T16FV, T16FS, T16FC and T16FG, are deleted there may be entries from previous Customizing

(take help from basis for this Manually delete entries from table using %sap_edit Tcode after open the table with SE16N.)


reward if usefull

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hey dear Vishal thanks for the response,.

i have not tried urs ...

but i configure those strategies again and set their value in a way that they never be caught in any PR. but if i delete in the way u told step by step then i wont have any problem further that i got in my mind...

Thanks dude...

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