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hi guys,

PRs are generated through MRP due to Sales orders.

i am able to check the reason for generation of PR/PO only till the sales order is not complete in system.

Once the sales order is complete/closed. i am not able to trace why the PR was generated against which PO was made.(tcode used MD04,MD05,MB53N)

e.g i have procured a material in dec 08 -grn made in dec08 , PO was made in november 08 against PR generated in november 08. Pr was generated due to S/O or process order etc any other reason that time.

But today if i try to find out the reason -why this pr was gererated ? i cant trace the PR. can anyone help??


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In table EBAN, have a look at field ESTKZ, this is creation indicator. You will find a list of reasons for the creation of the PR, this might help you.


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