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PR generated but Vendor not picked

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Hello Experts,

We have one material code, after running the MRP PR has been generated but the PR generated still 31.12.2024 has picked the vendor code and PR generated for forecast after 01.01.2025 has not picked the vendor. See in attached snap, PR generated on date 30.12.2024 has picked the vendor whereas PR generated on 13.01.2025 don't. Can you pls tell me what I have missed and that needs to correct so that these future PR can also pick the vendor code.

Snap attached for ref.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Since after running MRP, the Vendor was assigned automatically, you should use the Regular Vendor or Quota Arrangement.

When you use the Regular vendor, pls check if the information recode valid date  is earlier than 13.01.2025.


If you use Quota Arrangement, pls check if the Quota Arrangement valid date is earlier than 13.01.2025.