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PR Firm indicator

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Dear All,

I have created a manual PR & havent checked the " FIXED ID " indicator in the quantities tab. But when i go to MD04..... the result shows the PR as a firm PR.. why is this happening since the FIXED ID is not checked....

please guide


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What is the MRP type you are using for this material? If you use P1,P2,P3 &P4 then these MRP type will firm all the proposals. Instead of that you can use PD,it will not firm the proposals. And also check whether you are using any planning time fence in MRP1 view.

Hope it will be helpful.



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Yes i am using MRP Type "PD", Planning Fence"0"....

plzz tell me wat to do///


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As per standard SAP whether you manually uncheck the fixed indicator or check the fixed indicator , when you run the MRP PR will become firm. This is standard SAP program.

If the PR is created via MRP then you will not see the firm indicator unless you change anything manually especially qty or date.

Hope it is clear

Thanks & regards