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PR Deletion flag set in LIMITs tab but not in Account Assignment tab

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Can anyone help with this scenario?

On the "Limits" tab of a PR, user enters multiple accounting lines. This results in table entries in both ESKL and EBKN

Then, one ore more lines in the "Limits" tab get flagged for deletion but the cooresponding lines in the "Account Assignment" tab are not flagged for deletion. As a result, the entries in table ESKL are flagged for deletion but not the cooresponding line sin table EBKN.

Is this normal? How can we fix it if it's not?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi John,

The entries in Tabe - EBKN would get deleted only when the corresponding PR line item is deleted



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So if a single PR line item has 10 entries in ESKL, and subsequently 10 entries in EBKN (Sequence #s 1 - 10)

Then sequence 1 & 2 get flagged for deletion in table ESKL (via the Limits Tab), sequence 1 & 2 will remain un-deleted in EBAN unless the entire line item is flagged for deletion (trash-canned)???

Please confirm.