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PR - Closed Indicator

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Hi All,

Let me know whether we can set the "Closed Indicator" in PR automatically. If possible means where to configure for that.



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That would depend on how you create the PO's. If the PO's are automatically getting created via ME59N, there is a field on that transaction to set the req's as closed. I believe the default is 1. However, if you want it to close regardless of what the PO has, you would need to change the number to 2.

We actually had to create a BADI to flag the req's as closed for orders not generated via the automatic PO program. Let me know if that applies to you and I will find out from our programmer what steps need to be done.

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I would be interested in receiving the information on the BADI you use which closes the requisition when orders are not generated via the automatic PO program.

Thank you,

Cynthia de la Torre

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Purchase Requisition Closed

Flags a purchase requisition as closed, that means that no further purchase orders are to be created for this purchase requisition.


You can:

Set this indicator manually

In change mode for a purchase requisition on the item detail screen

When you create a purchase order with reference to a purchase requisition

Have the system set the indicator when automatically creating purchase orders from purchase requisitions

You can use the indicator Set reqs to "closed" to specify that the purchase requisition is considered closed once the associated purchase order has been created, even if the complete requisition quantity has not been ordered.

In the purchase order ME21N/ME22N, item detail screen -- Delivery schedule tabs, the last field is 'PReq. Closed'. If you want to close the PR, then just click on PReq closed line for that line item. Then this automatically carried back to your PR.

Hope this clarifies.