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PPOME dump with column T77COL-CB_REFRESH

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In transaction PPOME, we added new columns in the standard scenario (OME0), user-specific "request" and managed all attributes using tables / views T77OMTABUS, T77id, T77OMREGIS, T77COL etc.

We followed note 327614 and others with the relevant information.

We needed to display the standard columns, managed in tab. T77COL (WF_SUBPROF + WF_SUBSTAT) = substitution profile & status.

By standard SAP delivery, these columns have value of T77COL-CB_REFRESH filled with FM RH_WF_SUBS_MAINT. But, when that event is raised, the transaction dumps, as dynamic call of this FM does not provide all parametrs of this FM (parameters are not optional).

I did not manage to find any documentation for this field (when it really should be fired), the same with column T77COL-CB_EVENT. It seems, that we really do not need it, as T77COL-CB_CONTENT is our only relevant FM, that fills the data and we are satisfied with it. So we cleared the value T77COL-CB_REFRESH and it works fine now.

My question is, whether there is any documentation on those two fields (CB_EVENT, CB_REFRESH) in table T77COL that I could get through so that I understand it's meaning. I triple-checked in multiple systems and everywhere, the same values are filled in those fields (so the FM's used still will not satisfy the interface, provided by the FM's). I'd like to know, how could it work with the standard. And yes, I Googled and Launchpad-ed a lot already.

Thanks for any feedback

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