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PPMOD doesn't work, SAP HR v608

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Dear All Expert,

I have config PPMOD as below

and I try to posting to cost center 81182110, which will be posted to Salaries - Direct Labour, but what i got was posted to Salaries

I have set this employee to Cost center 81182110 using IT0027 - Cost distribution, No Split WPBP, so just 1 WPBP every month

Here are the configuration of posting salaries

Actually the salaries need to posting in to GL 6010002 but it's look like PPMOD doesn't work at all, it posted to 6010001.

Did anyone know this problem? and how to fix it?

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For clarity are you configuring up something new or is this something that was working in a previous version of SAP but now no longer works when you moved to 608?

If you are configuring up something new then you may have PPMOD incorrecty set but the chances of PPMOD not working is remote (not impossible but!). It is far more probable your config is incorrect.


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Hi Arozatulo

I believe you are using a cost distribution and you are not having this filtered as a decision making in your feature. This can be done by enabling PPMOD structure the use of field KOSTVJN (from PC205 Structure), using this you can have access through dostributed cost centers cost centers (C1) and not KOSTL= C0 Main Cost Center used in IT0001. This will allow structure your feature to decide correctly using C1 and not C0. Note: Problem here is that dates on IT0027 may not match for the entire payroll period and this will not work for you as well.

Now, in case this doesnt work you have two ways to solve it (both will require coding)

1) Create a feature exit program under PPMOD

2) Use BADI (SMOD_PCPO0001- EXIT_RPCIPE00_001)

Note - Usually a GL definition will not be linked to Cost Center but a Employee-Employment Type or other Organisational field driver as Contract Type of IT0001 To Split Indirect, Direct and Administrative cost. So I strongly recommend to review this in your definition using this particular field as usually for each one of those costs it will be a separated GL that is linked differently to financial/corporate nalance statement. Cost Center will be grouping that allow that wil allow you for example: to know under Direct Cost which production line all different costs were generated.

Best Regards

Amilcar Caballero