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PP - View Production Order Cost Balance

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I need help regarding the following situation. I need to see the Legal Valuation in Cost Balance for some Production Orders (Collective View). The Information I need can be obtained for a single PO by entering the PO (transaction CO03) -> GoTo-> Costs-> Balance-> an I find the Information in Balance in controlling area currency in Legal valuation.

The Information I need is the field WKG_0 in the Structure KPARALLEL_VAL. Can someone please tell me in which Database table I can find this information?

The information is also to be found in the field ISTKOST_G of the structure KKBCS_OUT.

So if you think you can help me please send a e-mail at


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COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period) is the table.

Here is where all the costs posted to the Production order is stored by CO document. Please run this table for the object number of the order. This is the storage for the t-code KOB1 Actual line items of an order. You may have to get the total of the line items.

You can find the object number (OBJNR) of the production order in the table AUFK given the field AUFNR (order no.).

For a completed order, the total will be zero. Hope you may find this workaround useful.