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PP Confirmation with serial number

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Hi Gurus

I try to confirm Production orders through serial numbers.

I customized the confirmation profile in OPK0. i am now able to enter a serial number in CO11N

If I enter only serial number in CO11N . it is not sufficient for SAP. System requires production order number and Operation.

And this message

Enter confirmation number or order/sequence/operation/suboperation

Message no. RU001

I want to confirm only with serial number is this not possible in SAP?

Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Q - I want to confirm only with serial number is this not possible in SAP?

A - Not Possible

We need to fallow the standard process.

1) Need to create serial No profile & same need to maintain in material master.

2) Create the production order or Purchase order depending on the procurement type material master.

Procurement Type E - In house produce material - Need to create production order. basically production order is the reference to start the priduction after release the production order.

Procurement Type F - External Procurement - Need to create purchase order.

3) We consider the production order, created & released.

4) Confirmation CO11n- Need to enter production order no & opreation. That operation should final & auto GR relevent.

5) If operation condition is true, then system will allow to create serial no equal to yield quantity. Confirm the serial no & save.

6) Check MMBE whether selected serial no get created against material or not.



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