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PP: Capacity Requirement Planning

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Hi Gurus,

When I am checking capacity through MD04/ MS04, I get following error:

<b>No work centers with capacity requirements were found

Message no. MD305</b>


The capacity situation is displayed for all work centers that are affected by the planned orders from the MRP list of the material.

<b>System response</b>

If no capacity requirements are created when scheduling the corresonding planned orders, no capacity situation is displayed.


Check whether capacity requirements are created when scheduling planned orders. Capacity requirements are not created, for example, if the planned order was scheduled using the data in the material master record or if you switched off the creation of capacity requirements in customizing.

Please give me the solution.

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shiv,

To generate capacity requirements there are the mandatory settings...

1) work scheduling view must be maintained.

2) work center capacities with formulas must be relevent for "finite scheduling" and capacity planning.

3) Controle key must have generate capacity reqs with scheduling indicator enable.

4) In planned order parameters OpU5 you must enable the indicator "generate capacity requirements with scheudling" with selection ID of routing.

While running MRP the scheduling mode must be 2 "lead time scheduling".



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Shiv,

please try this : please switch on the option Generate capacity requirement in transaction code OPU5 of the plant of which you want to check the capacity.

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During MD02 we can define in the scheduling modw whether we are going to carryout

Basic scheduling or Lead time scheduling thru the scheduling mode.

Basic scheduling:

Only order start dates and finish dates are calculated ( mode 1)

Exact to day.

Automatically carried out durng MRP Run.

Lead time scheduling:

Producton start dates and finish dates are calculated.(mode2)

Capacity reqmts are generated.

Exact to second.

Carried out on request by setting the indicator to mode 2.

So during MRP Run you might have set the scheduling mode as 1 and carried out

Basic scheduling. For this No capacity Reqmts are generated.

Kindly check whether you have maintained mode 2 during MRP Run.



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Hi Shiva Shankar

it would be more helpful if you can explain in detail what settings you have maintained and also how you ran MRP

anyways based on my understanding, here could be the possible reasons

1) .i feel you need to Run MRP= MD02 using the option = 2= Lead time scheduling and capacity

planning for the SCHEDULING option in the input selection parameters ( right now i guess you ran the MRP run using this option here = 1 Basic dates will be determined for planned orders which will consider the times you maintain in MRP-2 view of material master and not the times in routing)

2) also have you maintained these in work center,

3) standard value key, and used the

4) right control key (The CONTROL KEY you selected must have the scheduling and Determine Capacity Requirements Indicator ON,

5) capacity header details and

6) formulas for calculating in the work center,

7) also check if you have maintained times in the operation details of the Routing

check these settings and hopefully it should work

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Thanks for your quick reply.

I will explain you in details

Cross company scenario:

Plant 1001 in company 1000 place orders on plant 1101 in company 1100.

So requirement from plant 1001 will create a requirement in plant 1101.

All production master data have been maintained for plant 1101 in company 1100.

We have got make to stock scenario in plant 1101 and Planning with final assembly in plant 1001.

Now material ABC is procured from company 1100 by company 1000. Now we want to test a what if scenario in plant 1101 and company 1100.

What will be the capacity situation if we add 15% more demand in plant 1101?

Cna you please explain me the whole scenario and what could be the best way to make this issue fixed?