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Postings to respective GL accounts PER Loan Subtypes

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Dear all,

I have created different LOAN SUBTYPES for loan repayment WAGE TYPE (/LRP)such as festival advance, Car loan , housing loan etc. I would like to account these to respective GL accounts. Since I do not have a link between Wage type(/LRP)------LOAN SUBTYPES-SYMBOLIC ACCOUNTS. How do I post the above to different Gl Accounts.

With regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I hope I'm not wrong catching the issue.

1. You need to create some wage type, copied from /LRP, as many as loan type.

For example:

Car loan (loan type: 1000) >> 10RP

Advance loan (loan type: 1100) >> 11RP


You can modify rule XLOZ in subschema XLON.

PRT XLOZ NOAB * Example: Store user wage type

Copy XLOZ to ZLOZ, then modify part /LRP.


        • ERROR



The payroll result will have 10RP and 11RP which contain specific /LRP for each loan type.


Now, you can assign specific 10RP or 11RP wage type to the specific symbolic account.

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Hi Ardhana,

The solution you have provided it fine.But, we have run the payroll for past 2 years,.Now if we go for creation of new Loan wagetypes for Loan subtypes ,it would affect most Z developments ,which is not advisable .

If there any other solution to this issue.



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Hi Vani,

I am afraid, the only way to achieve this is to use new wage types. If you do not want to hamper any postings that have been made in the past 2 years, then I would suggest that you delimit the posting characteristics of /LRP and start using the new wage types from this year onwards.

Hope this helps.


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